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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earn Part Time or Full Time

     Hi everyone I would like to share where did I get my online job. There are lot of job categories here such as data entry, photoshop, programming etc..

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The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

In here you need to pass the readiness test in order for you to bid on a project. You can also take different exams here such as Ms word, Excel, Access etc. and if you get an outstanding score I assure that you will catch the attention of the buyer. Please study hard because you can't take exams here instantly, because you will wait for a month to take the exam again if you failed.

I worked as a data encoder here and to prove that I got paid below is my last transaction history:

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Freelance Jobs 
     The last time I worked here there are no exams but now they do have it too. Bid wisely here because there is a bidding limit per month.  I worked also as a data encoder here and to prove that I got paid below is my last transaction history:


  1. Read and follow the website rules and regulations.
  2. Don't post any contact details when bidding in a project or else you will be banned.
  3. Do your transactions inside the website in order to avoid being scammed. 
     And that's it for now, I hope this help....

Monday, Sept 19, 2011

Minute Workers

     Hi to all freelancers, I've discovered another website to earn money by completing small task, you can also post a job if you're an employer. There is no exams required to qualify just do jobs that you can complete because there is a reputation that you need to maintain, once your reputation drops below 75% you can't continue.
     The website is paying every 15th and 30th of month, you can withdraw your earnings through paypal and alertpay, you need to reach the minimum payout of $2. If you would like to join then click the banner below and start earning money...

minute workers

Below is my payment proof:

My payment processors:

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